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Inqilab mana urdu

It was founded in At present with 11 editions, it has captured the hearts of its esteemed readers with lot of perfection from the initial day of its launch in the open market. Inquilab Urdu epaper and its newspaper have attained a unique status among its readers because of its neat and factual presentation.

In an exclusive manner, online e papers are visited by readers for latest update of current affairs related to news today. Inquilab newspaper and its epaper today are much popular among north Indian communities, rest of India and abroad.

inqilab mana urdu

Newspapers are part and parcel of personal and professional life of its esteemed readers. Epapers are gaining momentum among internet users with a lot of perfection. On the other hand, this epaper online is known for its exclusive coverage of news items related to politics, business, trade, sports, entertainment, science and technologies, art and culture, lifestyle, health, tourism and many more. Epapers online are an instant hit among esteemed readers.

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Inquilab newspaper online covers latest news update related to local, state, regional, national and international circuit. Language: Urdu Editions: Mumbai, India. Maslaki Ekhtilafat the hain Au rahnge! The inquilab paper is best from other newz paper because in this paper given fully and clearly describtion and diveded newz like. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Abu osam ko BHU me gold madle milne ki khushi me hum teh dil se Mubarak bad pesh large hain.

Insha Allah aage bhi lete rahenge. Leave a comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Milad un Nabi S. W Khushi sy Manao. Youtube Audio Download. Serial No: Dated: April 16, Category: Milad-e-Mustafa S. Related Videos.

Shaykh-ul-Islam Prof. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri. Tweets by TahirulQadri. Search by Serial no. Social Subscribox 3. Your Name. Your Email Address. Jul Tilawat Naat Manqabat. Qabar-e-Asghar A. S Mins. Studio Programs. Bahar-e-Rehmat Ep - Jun 05, June 5, Rehmat Ep Telecast : Jun 04, June 4, Throwback Videos. Sirat un Nabi S. W Quran k Ainay main January 25, Sayyidna Siddique e Akbar R.

A awr Hazoor S. Shaan Ghaus-ul-Aazam R. A October 8, W Part: 7, 8 March, Allah, Rasool S. Faith in Life Hereafter June 1, TuTe but masjid bani mismar but-KHana hua. Compilation of top 20 hand-picked Urdu shayari on the most sought-after subjects and poets. He was very fond of travelling and used to spend a lot of money on it. Later, the secret was revealed that he was into the buisiness of printing fake currencies.

Arrested and imprisoned, Miyaan Daad wrote a Qaseeda poem during the imprisonment, praising Queen Victoria that led to the reduction of punishment period. This famous couplet belongs to him:. Contemporary of Ghalib and Zauq.

He was also a physician, astrologer and chess player. Mirza Ghalib is said to have offered his complete diwan for his sher "tum mere paas hote ho goya, Jab koi doosra nahin hota". Essential collection of Iconic poets — a list that goes beyond the realm of fame and populism. Watch Jashn-e-Rekhta Live Stream here:. Share this. Tags: Aansoo and 1 more.

TuTe but masjid bani mismar but-KHana hua jab to ek surat bhi thi ab saf virana hua. Tags: Zarb-ul-masal and 1 more. See full collection. This famous couplet belongs to him: 'Qais jangal men akela hai mujhe jaane do, Khoob guzregi jo mil baithenge deewane do'. Today's Special. View More Poets.

New baby girls name (S letter) with urdu meaning - لڑکیوں کے اسلامی نام -Modern pakistani girls name

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You may unsubscribe at any time. By continuing you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.Mufti Muneeb Ur Rehman is a very noble and gentleman. He is religious person. He has experienced of more than 30 years on different subject. He was a professor of Hadith and Fiqah. People admired him and ask solution of problems. There are some questions which discussed are.

A man was not orally as well written gave a divorce to her wife. This women sister is saying this man gave it to her? In this time it is not possible to know who is needy and who is professional. Beggars are everywhere. How to give them charity?

These questions are discussed here with full of reference. You can read it here a complete discussion in Urdu and know a right thing related to these matters.

inqilab mana urdu

Can a child 4 years old stand in a Saff? Will it not affect the prayers of others standing in the Saff? My question is: Is it lawful to marry with years girl because Prophet Muhammed S. W married with Huzart Ayesha R. A when Prophet Muhammed S. W was nearly 45 years and Huzart Ayesha R.

A was ten years old? I wait for answer. Aasalam walikum agar ladka aur ladki ek dusre ko pasand karte hai aur wo marriage karna chahte hai to kya wo nikha kar sakte hai. G namz koi bhe ho usy wkt pr ada krny ka kha gia hai fajar ki namz ky sath sony ki shart condition ka zakr kahien nie aya es liey fajar ki namz app tym sy ada krien Allah App ko jaza dy. Five prayers are must, countries on pools are including in which this problem is facing by people. Assalam u alakum My question is about the sacred months.

Allaah has created twelve months of them four are sacred in which we forbidden to hunt as well as slaughter the animals. Is it True? Asslam-o-Alaikum Mera sawal ya ha keh ager gusal frayaz ka sath kya jay to uska wazoo bhe ho jata ha ya wo usi halt ma wazoo ka frayz ada ker sackta ha or wo namaz perth sakta ha ya nahi. Choree choree doosri bv bnnay wali larkiyon k saath yahi hota hy. Asalamulaikum janab mera question hai k mein ne ak maksoos raqam invest ki hai kea us se hasal honey wali merey leaey halal hai ya haram hai.

Mufti shahab main leather ke jacket pahan ky namaz parh rha tha ky aik namazi ny kaha ky leather ke jacket main namaz nhee hote, ya janwar ka jisam hota hy aur ya qiyamat ke nishani main sy aik nishani hy ky ap leather ke jacket pahan ky namaz parho.

Main ny reference diya ky leather ky mozy pahan ky tu namaz parhny ke ijazat hy onhon ny kaha ky woh aur masla hy. I will not keep her with me. She is no more my wife etc etc. Then Talaq will be affected.We have attached a link of the complete ghazal in which this couplet appears- sung by Jagjit Singh. Rifat andrabi said:. February 22, at am. February 22, at pm.

Hello Rifat, Thank you for your support and encouragement. Do let us know if there is another interpretation maybe in a different context where taghaful means delay. Thanks Urduwallahs. Dua said:. December 8, at pm. Lucknawi said:. March 5, at pm. March 6, at pm.

Khaak actually means ash.

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Hence Ghalib is trying to say he will be reduced to ash, in other words, he will be destroyed. Parveen Jain said:. March 17, at pm. Urduwallahs are absolutely right. Khaak means residual after burning and that is ash. September 26, at pm. September 28, at pm. Yawar said:. October 24, at pm. October 25, at am. Yawar has correctly depicted the picture. I also meant the same but the only difference is the way of representing the dead.

Milad un Nabi (S.A.W) Khushi sy Manao

We Hindus, Jains do burn the dead, hence, I used that language While you being Muslim has used the language exactly what Ghalib meant word by word. October 31, at am.

inqilab mana urdu

Its important that you derive the same meaning out of a word that the poet intended it to mean. But again its the magic of Ghalib, who actually trapped an ocean of meanings in fewest of words. Each time you read his poetry you can relate to it in different context with a totally different perspective in mind and his words would still best fit in that.Ironically he returned from Deccan but this fiercely patriotic freedom fighter later migrated to Pakistan and all his life regretted that decision.

His wish expressed in the last stanza remained unfulfilled. Shayeri unko Virasat me mimli thee. Iske Alawa Josh sahab ke bhanje Jalal malihabadi bhi achchey shayer they. And even i searched for it in the music shops but was unsucessfull. Sir please send me this ghazal of yours.

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The Nazm alvida is posted on this site, do you want it in anyother script or its audio? Your website is really very beautiful and informatory. I like it very much. Will you plese allow and guide me. This is the exact link for the audio you mentioned above; since the writing is in urdu on the website thought it might help:.

Proud to say that i belong to the same family. Josh sahab was the younger brother of my grand father Mr.

Sepasang mata bola lirik

Shafi Ahmed Khan. He has given Malihabad an identity on the world map. I have tried to say something in his honour.

Urdu Islamic Books Collection

Moosa bhoosa josh family se kab ho. Mohtaram Adnan Sahab Khidmat me ba khuloos-o-ehtaram salam arz hai Izzatafazai ka shukriya. Moosa sahab i also belong to his family do u remember Sayeda Khatoon? Dear Moosa, I have heard that Josh was the only one who converted to Shiism from his family, is it true or were there other people in his family who were Shia as well? Unki shayeri, unke aqaaed ka cHeekh cHeekh kar eilan kar rahi hai.

No any member of his family belong to shiat. Ramzi bhai sahab hum ko maf kare.

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The changing face of the world and its prodigies,the politicians have done irreparable damage to the love we shared for centuries. Josh malihabadi was a great urdu shayer. I am great grand child of Ishaaq khan and I am living in America.

Now you know who I am and what is my relation to Josh malihabadi. Asalamoalaikum phupha i never thot i will ever find a post of urs on the net. Its really great. Faisal mateen Khan. Hi sind bad. Ayyub iam your tryly friends. N aatii hai. Thanks Good job done Regards Nadim.The objective of the SC is that when hundreds of persons in cinema halls join to show respect to the national anthem, it will send a new message to the country and a new sentiment of patriotism will be awakened among citizens.

But in view of the cases of violation of such norms earlier — such practices started in — the question is if standing to show respect for the national anthem and the flag should be mandatory? If it is not done, what will the punishment be? Earlier too, long ago, the national anthem was played in cinema halls but due respect was not paid by sections of the audience who wanted to leave the hall hurriedly.

Following protests, that instead of respect there was disrespect shown to the anthem and the flag, this practice was stopped. Now that the anthem will be played at the beginning and not at the end of the film, one does not know what will happen when large numbers of cinema goers try to enter the hall while the national anthem is being played and the film is to start, as is seen now, creating a commotion and problem for those sitting in their seats in the dark.

Thakur has once again blamed the central government for delaying the appointments of over vacant positions of judges in high courts across the country. On the other hand, the Union law minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad, has blamed the delay in the appointments on the judiciary.

Whether it is due to the executive or the judiciary, the bitter truth is that huge numbers of positions of judges are vacant in the Supreme Court and the subordinate courts of the country, resulting in long delays in the hearing of cases.

But the matter is getting graver under the Modi government. No one had thought that the confrontation would reach a level where both would stand face-to-face and level allegations against each other. Such a situation is not good for a democratic country.

Both have their responsibilities and limits. This sentiment should be appreciated on both sides of the India-Pakistan border. Bajwa is believed to be proud of his love for democracy. Therefore, the democratic governments of both the countries will have to avoid a confrontation with each other.

It is also believed that he has the capacity to deal with the situation arising out of the developments in Kashmir… He will have to act positively on the complaints of India with regard to unprovoked firings and infiltration across the LoC. This will result in better diplomatic ties between India and Pakistan. Therefore, it is not difficult to infer that there would not be any considerable change on the ground situation despite the change in the army leadership of Pakistan.

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